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Both the Federal and State Government are currently providing financial incentives to install cleaner and greener technology like Heat Pumps to heat your water at home.

We will assist you by working out what incentives and rebates you may be eligible for, claiming these on your behalf and providing these to you as an upfront discount on the cost of supply and installation. If you are buying a Heat Pump you may be eligible for the following:

When you request a quote, you will see these items included in your quotation as discounts off your upfront cost. To be eligible for these discounts you will need to complete some additional forms and paperwork required by each entity. The rebates and incentives will then be paid to Heat Pumps Victoria on successful completion and installation of your system, and you will receive them as an upfront discount on the cost of installation and supply.

For more information about what rebates and incentives may save you contact us.