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Gas Hot Water Systems

Until recently, Gas Hot Water Systems were considered one of the most economical forms of water heater when operated using natural gas. There are two main types of gas hot water systems, storage and instantaneous. A storage system heats and stores water in an insulated cylinder to be available for use and instantaneous system will heat only on demand.

A Heat Pump is a suitable and now recommended alternative to a traditional Gas Hot Water System. Heat Pumps Plumbing can however supply, install and maintain all forms of Gas Hot Water Systems.

Solar Hot Water Systems

While a Solar Hot Water system has a higher initial cost to buy and install, its running costs are significantly lower than electricity or gas.  In Victoria they can be problematic due to their reliance on their gas or electrical boosting systems for several months of the year where there is insufficient solar power being generated. 

A solar hot water system will use the energy from the sun captured via solar collector panels.  Solar Hot Water Systems may be eligible for government rebates and incentives when you are replacing a gas or electric hot water system.

Heat Pumps Plumbing Victoria can provide you with a quotation to supply, install or maintain your Solar Hot Water System

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