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Heat Pumps Plumbing Victoria specialises in the supply, installation, and maintenance of Heat Pump Hot Water Systems.

A Heat Pump Hot Water System is a highly efficient method of heating water that uses significantly less electricity so it is much better for the environment and will save you money. There are also significant State and Federal Government incentives and rebates to help partially offset the initial cost of switching over.

So, if you are concerned about saving money and reducing your impact on the environment, contact us to get a quote and more information about changing over your hot water system to a heat pump today.

What is a Heat Pump?

A Heat Pump uses similar technology to a refrigerator or air conditioner to extract heat from the surrounding air. So, like a reverse cycle air conditioner will heat the air in your home, a heat pump will heat your water instead. Traditional Hot Water Systems use electricity to heat up an element that in turn heats the water we use. A Heat Pump will save 60-75% electricity compared to older electric hot water systems.

Unlike solar hot water systems which are usually gas or electric boosted, a heat pump only uses electricity to operate the evaporator fan and compressor when water is being heated.
A Heat Pump looks much the same as an existing hot water service in that it is a single integrated unit, installed outside of the home, in a well-ventilated area on the ground. However, there are split systems available as well which will have a storage tank inside or out and a separate outdoor heat pump. Because solar panels don’t need to be installed on the roof, installation of a Heat Pump Hot Water System is easier and faster. Heat Pumps have a compressor and fan, so some related noise will be created, and this is considered when choosing the location of the unit, we can advise of the expected noise level for your model.

You can find out more about Heat Pumps by visiting the Victorian Government’s Sustainability Website. Check out some of the available Heat Pump Hot Water Systems we can supply and install today.

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